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Advanced Counter homemade Explosives Workshop

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JESSE TAYLOR, LTD. (JTL) is a scientific and technical consulting and training company. JTL provides specialized defense services such as highly-specialized explosives courses to the military and training workshops for civilian first responders to prepare against chemical, biological, radiological/nuclear, and explosives threats. This work advances knowledge, skills, and technology useful to global and homeland security.

JTL conducts work using generally accepted project management knowledge and practices.


JTL is a Nevada Limited Liability Company. JTL was formed in 2005 as a counterterrorism/antiterrorism consulting company. The company principal, Jesse S. Taylor, is a physical scientist.   Jesse has a background in chemical weapons defense testing and radiological/nuclear materials detection. He is also a licensed and registered blaster in Pennsylvania and Nevada and conducts experiments to model and analyze energetic events for developing improvised explosive device countermeasures.   Based in Las Vegas, Nevada JTL conducts training courses throughout the United States and the world on scientific, technical, and operational aspects of combating terrorism. In addition to training, JTL also supports test and evaluation of sensors, detectors, and monitoring systems for non-proliferation of unconventional explosives and chemical and biological weapons.


Jesse Taylor, Ltd. provides:

Technical and Scientific Services


CBRNE: These training courses are hands-on instructional modules in antiterrorism and counterterrorism, interdiction and analysis of chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive materials, and hazardous materials incident response operations. Curricula are custom modified to the mission of the participants. Other subjects include nonproliferation, OPSEC, and forensics. Participants of training courses receive a printed participant guide and job aide specific to the course content and participant mission. Classroom training can be conducted at the customer's site or coordinated in an independent location by JTL.

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Field Training Exercises (FIX): JTL conducts FTX for civilian, military, and private response organizations related to the CBRNE training courses. FTX are also designed to assist groups in practical development of standard operating procedures. FTX can be conducted in any type of venue requested and funded by the customer. JTL will coordinate role players, site set-up, and use of props. Some chemicals, biological materials, radiological sources, and simulants are also available for training use.

Professional Development: fit provides professional development instruction following an advanced adult-learning model. Training courses are delivered to improve the professional skills and advance the expertise of participants in any field. Instruction will be given from existing curricula provided by the customer or a new curriculum may be developed by 111 for specific customer requests.

Team Building: Team building courses are classroom, hands-on, and field training instructional modules with the specific purpose of integrating members of a team. Interdependent, mission-focused, results-oriented team building is the purpose of this type of training. Instructional modules are customized to the specific needs of the participants. Training is conducted at the customer's site or coordinated in an independent location by JTL.

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Explosives: JTL offers blasting technicians and energetic materials specialists to conduct operations providing explosives support and scientific analysis for government and non-government entities in chemical energetics. Primarily, this work is in planning and executing experiments to model and analyze improvised explosive devices and home made explosives for developing countermeasures for domestic security applications and threats from overseas. fit also provides explosives workshops and training courses that include topics like safety, interdiction, chemistry, detection, and analysis.

Test Management: JTL designs, manages, and executes Test and Evaluation (T&E) projects of sensors, detectors, monitoring systems, personal protection equipment, defensive technology, and decontamination methods for chemical and biological weapons defense and non-proliferation. T&E projects can be conducted at the customer's site or coordinated in an independent location by JTL. JTL has working relationships with the West Desert Test Center, Joint Operational Testing and Training Division at Dugway Proving Ground and the Non-Proliferation Test and Evaluation Complex at the Nevada Test Site.

Data Analysis: Data generated from T&E projects conducted by JTL, the customer, or an independent testing agency which are analyzed and processed by JTL generate data analysis reports that provide useful information for interpretation of data and data quality assessment.

Laboratory/Field Support: JTL supports laboratory and field operations for research, development, and operational or developmental testing by providing subject matter expertise in data collection, sample collection, sample analysis, and analytical instrumentation.

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Antiterrorism/Counterterrorism: JTL serves government, commercial, and private entities in combating terrorism by advising on antiterrorism and counterterrorism issues. This includes developing standard operating procedures for terrorism response, conducting critical infrastructure and operations analysis, and performing threat and vulnerability assessments where state law permits.   Disaster Preparedness: JTL assists customers in developing plans and procedures to establish continuity of operations in the event of a natural disaster, terrorist attack, major accident, or customer-specific hazard.   Project Management: Short-term projects or contracts managed by JTL are handled using generally accepted project management knowledge and practices. JTL improves management control of project phases by following the project life cycle described by the Project Management Institute.

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Advanced Counter Homemade Explosives Workshop

COURSE GOAL: Training that will Increase Safety and Technical Capability of the Participants.

Course Objective: Upon completion of this course participants will:
Demonstrate enhanced capabilities to support counter-HME operations.

Supporting Objectives:

Recognize dual-use equipment and methods for common HME processes
Highlight safety aspects of handling chemical energetics, precursors, and bi-products
Qualitatively evaluate sensitivity of HME
Demonstrate sample collection and analysis of HME products and precursors with hand-held Raman and FTIR instrumentation

Sponsors, participants, and users of JTL products, training, and services:

Philadelphia Police Bomb Disposal Unit
South Eastern Pennsylvania Regional Task Force
FDNY, Special Operations Command, Hazmat
Customs and Border Protection
     - Laboratories and Scientific Services
     - Counter Terrorism Targeting and Teleforensics Center
     - Intelligence Analysis Branch
Delaware State Police EOD Unit
Delaware NREC Hazmat Team
Northern Nevada Bomb Task Force
US Army
     - 110th Chemical Battalion Tech Escort Unit EOD, Joint Base Lewis
       McChord, WA
     - Weapons Intelligence Course, Fort Huachuca, AZ
     - Emergency Management and Assessment Team, Europe
     - DoD Special Operations, Fort Belvoir, VA
     - MWSS-273, MCAS Beaufort, SC
     - 1st Company, Camp Pendleton,CA
     - MWSS-373, Miramar, CA
     - MWSS-371, Yuma, AZ
     - 99 CES/CED, Nellis AFB, NV
     - 15 CES/CED, Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam, HI
     - 452 CES/CED, March AFB, CA
     - 673 CES/CED, Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, AK
     - 354 CES/CED, Eielson AFB, AK
     - 36 CES/CED, Anderson AFB, Guam
     - 820 RHS, Airborn EOD, Nellis AFB, NV
USAF 432 AT/FP, Creech AFB, NV
National Guard WMD-Civil Support Teams
    - 8th CST, Colorado
    - 84th CST, Wyoming
    - 92nd CST, Nevada
    - 102nd CST, Oregon
    - 10th CST, Washington
    - 43rd CST, South Carolina
US Navy EOD, Fallon Naval Air Station, NV
Las Vegas Metro PD, Homeland Security ARMOR Task Force
Las Vegas Fire and Rescue Arson Bomb Squad
Miami Police Department Bomb Squad
Dugway Proving Ground, Special Programs Division
     - Non-Proliferation Test & Eval Complex
     - Special Technologies Laboratory
Alabama Army Reserve EOD
Santa Clara County Fire Department Hazmat, CA

TSA-Transportation Security Specialists, Explosives
     - Office of Inspections Special Operations (Red Team)
     - Bush Intercontinental Houston, TX (IAH)
     - Miami International, FL (MIA)
     - Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International, FL (FLL)
     - Santa Barbara International, CA (SBA)
     - Las Vegas McCarran, NV (LAS)
     - Phoenix Sky Harbor, AZ (PHX)
     - Reno/Tahoe, NV (RNO)
     - Lindberg Field San Diego, CA (SAN)
     - John Wayne Orange County, CA (SNA)
     - Fresno International, CA (FAT)
     - Bob Hope Burbank, CA (BUR)
     - Mineta San Jose International, CA (SJC)
     - Boise International, ID (BOI)
     - Spokane International, WA (GEG)
     - Dallas/Ft. Worth International, TX (DFW)
     - Northwest Florida Regional Airport (VPS)
     - Tucson International, AZ (TUS)
     - Colorado Springs Airport, CO (COS)
     - Omaha International Airport, NE (OMA)
     - Fairbanks International Airport, AK, (FAI)
     - Ted Stevens Anchorage, AK (ANC)
International Organizations
     - Crimesight Technologies, Johannesburg, ZA
     - South African Police (Antinarcotics Border Unit, Organized Crime
       Unit, Criminology Laboratory)
     - Crime Lab, SA de CV, Aguascalientes, MX
     - Secretaria de Marina de México (Escuadrón Antibombas),
       Mexican Marine EOD
     - Provetecnia, SA de CV, Ciudad de México, D.F.
     - Ejército de Nicaragua, Fuerza Naval (Grupo Antinarcóticos),
       Nicaraguan Navy Narcotics Interdiction
     - South Korean Hazmat at US Army installations
     - Serbian Customs, Nikola Tesla International Airport (BEG)
     - Abu Dhabi Police EOD, UAE
     - Dubai Customs, UAE
     - Customs Service Azerbaijan, Baku City
     - Pakistan Federal Revenue Board (Customs), Islamabad/Karachi
     - KPK Provincial Police Bomb Disposal Unit, Peshawar, Pakistan
     - Counter Narcotics Police of Afghanistan, Precursor Control Unit,
     - UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), Law Enforcement
       Section, Afghanistan Country Office, Kabul
     - Policia Estatal Jalisco Grupo Antiexplosivos, State Police Bomb    
       Squad Jalisco, Mexico
     - Servicio De Protección Presidencial, Ecuador

Men Wearing Blue Gloves Working on a Device


JTL provides hand-held spectroscopic equipment as an approved vendor of Thermo Scientific. Thermo is a technology leader in using FTIR and Raman spectroscopy for homeland security, emergency response, and defense applications. More information about Thermo Scientific Portable Analytical Instrumentation, Inc., the TruDefender™ FT FTIR device and the FirstDefender™ Raman device can be found on the web at: www.ahurascientific.com

JTL maintains a manufacturer certified training cadre to support end-users who purchase hand-held chemical identification instruments manufactured by Thermo.

To order TruDefender™ FT or FirstDefender™, please click here to contact JTL

At right, A federal response team of forensic scientists use the Ahura FD™ to collect data and evidence from a clandestine, underground weapons laboratory during a training exercise.


JESSE TAYLOR LTD developed detection and analysis methods for a ruggedized, portable, chemical detection system intended for monitoring chemical dispersion experiments at a remote testing facility. However, the instrument did not make it to a test and evaluation campaign-the new methods and modifications qualified the instrument for world-wide deployment status to be used in global WMD non-proliferation missions. JTL is pleased to have made this significant contribution to the fight against terrorists and their weapons!

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Contact JTL for any questions regarding training, scientific and technical services, or products to support your organization.

(702) 271-1516

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