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Explosives Training

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Explosive Course Training

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Practical Applications

• EOD Response
• Counter IED Operations
• CBRNE Investigations
• Site Exploitation

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Basic Courses

Course Description: The Introduction to Explosives course is a one day class which provides an introduction to conventional explosives. The course material and instructional activities focus on fundamental aspects of commercial and military explosives including terminology, standard industry safety practices, basic chemical and physical properties, and awareness-level knowledge of an explosive firing train.
Explosives Sign and Explosive Molecule

Course Description: The Detection of Explosives course is a three day training course which presents classroom instruction and practical activities related to detection of explosives for the technical professional. The course material and instructional activities focus on fundamental aspects of both conventional and unconventional energetic materials including terminology, standard industry safety practices, chemical and physical properties, operational knowledge of an explosive firing train, detection, sample collection, and analysis.

Course Description: The Interdiction of Home Made Explosives (HME) workshop is a three-day training program which focuses on stopping the clandestine proliferation of improvised energetic material that can be used in association with criminal and terrorist activities. This course is useful for law enforcement, hazardous materials technicians, fire response, emergency medical service, and military units involved in combating terrorism and homeland security.
Bomb Going off at the Training Facility

Classroom and field instruction present the participants with practical information and useful activities that teach identification, detection, and analysis of energetic materials, common precursors, dual-use technology and materials, and forensic investigation. The course ends with a scenario-driven field training culmination exercise that reinforces the principles of interdiction of home made explosives taught in the instructional activities during the previous 1-2 days.

Course Description: The Advanced HME course is a five day training course which places special emphasis on non-proliferation of improvised energetic materials by characterizing the chemical and physical signatures of manufacturing processes and synthesis of conventional and unconventional energetic materials. Topics of detection and evidence collection during an interdiction or sensitive site exploitation operation are also addressed. Instructors have extensive experience with Raman and FTIR identification techniques. During the course "homemade" explosives to be studied and produced by the participants may include, but are not limited to: urea nitrate, ETN, TATP/HMTD (and other peroxides), nitromethane, nitroglycol (EGDN, and other liquid explosives), unconventional energetic fuel/oxidizer mixtures (AN and chlorate based) and hypergolic explosives.

Participants will engage in an active comparison of the properties of conventional and unconventional explosives, their precursors, reagents, degradation products, and byproducts through various production methods using dual-use technology and alternative methods that can also be employed to synthesize energetic materials. The types of evidence that can be used to link sites, objects, personnel, and operations with special focus on HME activities and a description of components utilized to create an improvised explosives device are featured during the Advanced HME course.

Field activities also include of examples of hypergolic binary explosive mixtures and the common household and industrial chemicals used in their formulation; and instruction on clandestine methods used to produce unconventional energetic materials and the countermeasures which can be used to evade detection and deter interdiction

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