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By clicking SUBMIT, you (INDIVIDUAL, INDIVIDUAL PARTICIPANT) agree to the following terms and conditions to participate in a JESSE TAYLOR, LTD. (JTL, JTL DEFENSE) training program:

1.  No refunds.  Course registration can be credited to future date(s) if INDIVIDUAL is unavailable to participate during the requested course.  30-days advanced notice required for change order. 

2.  INDIVIDUAL PARTICIPANT agrees to indemnify, defend and hold JTL harmless from any and all claims and losses occurring or resulting to any person, firm or corporation who may be injured or damaged as a result of acts or omissions in the performance of this training course.

3.  As a condition of indemnity, INDIVIDUAL PARTICIPANT agrees to strictly adhere to safety guidelines, procedures, and administrative policies specified by JTL during performance of this Agreement. 

4.  INDIVIDUAL PARTICIPANT will be required to agree to and sign an additional release of liability and acknowledgement of dangerous activities prior to participation.

5.  Failure on the part of INDIVIDUAL PARTICIPANT to follow safety guidelines, procedures, and administrative policies during execution of the Agreement may result in loss and/or damages to life and property for which INDIVIDUAL PARTICIPANT may be liable.

6.  INDIVIDUAL PARTICIPANT may receive Confidential Information defined as proprietary information having commercial or security value and other non-public information relating to JTL and respective direct or indirect subsidiaries and affiliates.  Confidential Information includes, by way of example and without limitation: trade secrets; designs; configurations; processes; tactics; techniques; training; procedures; protocols; formulas; software; data; know how; copyrightable materials; operations; strategies; financial reports, and forecasts; organization charts and personnel or customer lists.  Confidential Information also includes information developed by JTL in the course of performance of services for INDIVIDUAL PARTICIPANT or otherwise relating to personnel, organization, and operations of JTL and affiliates, clients, etc. At all times, both during the term of the training course and after its termination, INDIVIDUAL PARTICIPANT agrees to not use or disclose any such Confidential Information to a third party without the written consent of JTL.  The restrictions set forth in this Section will not apply to information which is generally known to the public or in the trade, unless such knowledge results from an unauthorized disclosure.

7.  During the course of training activities INDIVIDUAL PARTICIPANT may also receive information subject to FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY (FOUO)and/or LAW ENFORCEMENT SENSITIVE (LES) restrictions and acknowledges and guarantees the protection, safeguarding, and security of such information.  INDIVIDUAL PARTICIPANT further agrees to not disclose such information directly (or indirectly by negligence) to unauthorized or prohibited persons.